Reinventing the wheel - ripping CD

If you happen to be missing some nifty ripping software with bells and whistles, or urgently need to rip CD to some format - I found icedax as a very handy tool for that. Especially after trying some bellable and whistling soft which is trying to either guess CD info or summon it from CDDB - and always wrong, while CD itself provides correct text.

icedax can extract cd text and other extended info and store it together with raw or other pcm-like formated track. One can then use all that info to encode the file into favorit format and fill in meta attributes.

Here is one example of the usage - of course you are not limited to that:


[ -f audio.cddb ] || icedax -D /dev/sr0  -L 0 -B

export param="s/[^']\+//;s/'//g;s/^[:space:]\+\$//"

for i in `ls *.inf`; do
  if [ -f ${i/\%inf/wav} ]; then
    AlbumArtist=$(egrep '^Albumperformer=' $i|iconv -f windows-1252 -t utf8|sed $param)
    Album=$(egrep '^Albumtitle=' $i|iconv -f windows-1252 -t utf8|sed $param)
    Artist=$(egrep '^Performer=' $i|iconv -f windows-1252 -t utf8|sed $param)
    Title=$(egrep '^Tracktitle=' $i|iconv -f windows-1252 -t utf8|sed $param)
    Num=$(awk '/Tracknumber/{print$2}' $i)
    flac --delete-input-file -o "$(printf %02d $Num). ${Artist//\// & } - ${Title//\// & }.flac"\
      -T "Album=$Album" \
      -T "Artist=$Artist" \
      -T "AlbumArtist=${1:-$AlbumArtist}" \
      -T Tracknumber=$Num \
      -T "Title=$Title"\

Now just create a folder where you'll keep the data - i.e. disk name, cd into it and run the script. Simple as that.

Fri Mar 29 00:26:48 2013
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