PS3 BD BT Remote

Once upon a time I've made XBMC based HTPC... And as any proper HTPC mine should also have a remote control.

Since my TV is Sony, the choice was obvious - Sony PS3 BD BT Remote - both remotes are almost the same which makes HTPC looks aesthetic.

Then however I've realised that despite being recognized as a generic HID keyboard, keys mapped to buttons aren't seen by Xorg (XInput to be precise). Second issue i found was related to battery power. Don't know how PS3 is properly handling it but I solved the problem by suspending the HID via explicit teardown of BT link.

Alt/Compat key layout

The entire story is here, some attempts were made to publish patches into bluez tree - although they were rejected by bluez devs. Well, since then I'm maintaining this repository for myself and anyone interested.

Patches could be fetched from repo - just click to package details and then expand any package

Alternate map, enabled by 'Compat=1' config option - on the image

With this layout I'm using following custom keymap for XBMC:

ruff@ruff:~/bluez$ cat ~/.xbmc/userdata/Keymap.xml


To switch remote to the pairing mode you need to push and hold Start + Enter buttons for 5-10 seconds. It will then become discoverable and could be added as simple input device.

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