PS3 BD BT Remote on Bluez5

Being tired of background noise caused by active cooling on HTPC, moved it off to Raspberry PI (B+).

As time moves forward there appears plethora of mobile apps for any platform doing convenient remote control of Kodi and its library. Hence I've actually stopped using PS3 BD BT remote.

Nevertheless recently decided to dust it off and connect again (using BT dongle on RPI)

First thing first - pair the BT device. If you forgot how to do it - press Start+Enter and hold for 5sec to enter discoverable mode. Then go to bluetoothctl and pair the device. If you forgot the key layout here's the reminder.

Alt/Compat key layout

Immediately the problem appears - the remote simply doesn't pair. It's pinless, however it still requires some (specific) authentication, which is not provided by bluetoothctl's built-in agents. *Sigh*

Fri Oct 30 15:20:31 2015 Upd.: Sat Nov 14 14:11:16 2015
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