Fuck you, Lenovo

I've recently bought probably the best laptop I've ever had - Lenovo E130, with probably, the worst OS I ever had - windows 8. Initially, knowing Czech distribution is in any case one of the worst in the world - I didn't bother much, and bough whatever model was available in local shops (you don't have a choice in Czech Republic really, never, only crappiest things available).

Of course first step after unpacking laptop was to remove windows. Well, Ok, not first, second. I'm always curious. And this time - what the hell is that windows 8, maybe MS finally hired some clever guy and he damned all managers and pushed OS of his dream forward...

Meh, I need to grow up, there's ain't no Santa. So - which linux distro we choose next - random cast fell on Arch - and here we go... There probably will be separate story for that. UEFI is a funny thing after all.

Now finally I became curious again - I know Lenovo has ever been (or was it IBM?) flexible in laptops, and you could even customize certain things... But hey, I cannot find even my laptop model on official store among current models... Looking for support? Use google, otherwise you never find your model on official support site.

Today I'm reading a news that microsft occasionally sold somthing-llions licenses of their crap - and I think to myself - Fuck you Lenovo, Fuck you Czech Computerz - because of you I've participated in this crap. I've been waiting for decent laptop without shitty OS for already 3 years. I wasn't purchasing any new model hoping someone will start thinking not only of kickbacks but of customers, company, prestige (silly me). Now my patience ended up, I bought whatever was matching my high level requirements (detailed reqs are never matched - all vendors suck) and...

Ok. Off the steam. Rant off.

Update:Today, after a month of working it just became a brick. Kernel panicked and it does not power on anymore. I assume something similar to Samsung's chromebook UEFI problem. Oh dear, subject is still valid.

Tue May 7 23:46:31 2013 Upd.: Mon Jun 10 23:16:25 2013
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