Migrating MNT Reform to ArchLinux

By default MNT Reform2 laptop comes with Debian SID image. At least that's what I got with my DYI kit. The image comes on SD card, and by default the boot switch on SoM is set to boot from SD Card. SID is fairly bleeding edge, however I still feeling myself awkward working on Debian, even though the bleeding edge is one of the reasons I'm in favour of Arch Linux. Since I have NVME which is considerably faster than SDCard, I decided to combine migration to NVME drive with migration to Arch Linux. Also as there is no boot security so far, the migration will be to encrypted LUKS2 partitions (FDE).

Wed Feb 2 22:37:48 2022

A piece of Librem5 on my MNT Reform2

Despite my frequent ranting at Purism - don't take me wrong, I fully appreciate what they are doing. I just didn't like their communication strategy. Which finally improved and entered a state where I can say - yea ok, I understand. Other than that - their work at GTK/Gnome (libhandy which is now libadwaita, phosh/phoc, various userspace apps) is enormous, their effort at mainlining imx8m is impressive, all together allow me now using pinephone and MNT Reform2 laptop. This article is a demonstration of how the effort in kernel helps on MNT Reform.

Wed Jan 19 21:28:56 2022

Mobile i.MX8MQ Device

Christmas time is full of surprises, one of them was a new mobile device I got a Christmas morning, despite all the chip shortage and whatnot problems. The device is powered by NXP i.MX8MQ industrial SoC which combines 4 Arm A53 cores, 1 Arm M4F core and 1 Vivante GC7k Lite video core. And no, it is not Librem5 device which is supposed to be powered by the same SoC.

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