PS3 BD BT Remote

Once upon a time I've made XBMC based HTPC... And as any proper HTPC mine should also have a remote control.

Since my TV is Sony, the choice was obvious - Sony PS3 BD BT Remote - both remotes are almost the same which makes HTPC looks aesthetic.

Then however I've realised that despite being recognized as a generic HID keyboard, keys mapped to buttons aren't seen by Xorg (XInput to be precise). Second issue i found was related to battery power. Don't know how PS3 is properly handling it but I solved the problem by suspending the HID via explicit teardown of BT link.

Tue Oct 6 22:01:43 2009 Upd.: Sun Mar 5 13:33:03 2017

PS3 BD BT Remote on Bluez5

Being tired of background noise caused by active cooling on HTPC, moved it off to Raspberry PI (B+).

As time moves forward there appears plethora of mobile apps for any platform doing convenient remote control of Kodi and its library. Hence I've actually stopped using PS3 BD BT remote.

Nevertheless recently decided to dust it off and connect again (using BT dongle on RPI)

Fri Oct 30 15:20:31 2015 Upd.: Sat Nov 14 14:11:16 2015

BlueZ 5

Life goes on, everythng changes. With new bluez tree fakehid was completely wiped out from bluetoothd userspace. Now, thanks to David Dillow ps3bt code lives in HID kernel code since commit 5844c1cdb630b537a2ecdf74dab2985e51dc1bd9. Let see how it works...

Sat Nov 10 23:17:31 2012 Upd.: Sat Oct 5 15:16:20 2013
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