System Jack Service

What if we want to set jack to be system service? I know, I know, I read all the fine manuals and a reason behind avoiding system sound daemon, whether it is pulse or jack. But hey - this is my PC, don't tell me what I cannot do!

Sun Feb 3 02:14:31 2013 Upd.: Sat Feb 9 21:31:57 2013


Once upon a time I've made XBMC based HTPC... oh, sorry, you know that story, do you?

Well, next thing I found was that pulseaudio was not working (it is really poorly documented, and that time I didn't have a clue how to deal with it). So I removed pulse leaving XBMC on pure ALSA. Which was working perfectly till it became too limited for me and my audio preferences. This was a time I got acquainted with JACK.

Now I can handle easily and conveniently pulseaudio, after breaking my head through scattered across the internet information, but it is the subject for another story. Because first we need to bind together XBMC and JACK using...

Fri Jun 15 11:43:12 2012 Upd.: Sat Feb 9 14:47:33 2013
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