DNS Security

I have always been adept of DJB, sharing his ideas and attitude to ISC products. I still share attitude, and I eager to support new technologies. Indeed. However DJB dns server, despite being neat, light and efficient - does not support many of new stuff. Including IPv6. And DNSSEC. Ok, I know about that amplification and other stuff, however it is here, and now, and works.

Sat Feb 12 05:34:11 2011 Upd.: Fri Aug 16 21:35:53 2013


In such a small setup something like pim or mospf is just too much, however i found that igmpproxy is just too little for me. So I'm using smcroute. This daemon is for static multicast routing which is just what I need for my single-router home setup. One minor issue though - startup for this piece of software is really poor.

Sun Feb 21 18:59:02 2010 Upd.: Sat Feb 9 14:51:46 2013


Well, you know my attitude to the wierd "complex" stuff guys are tending to make from pure, clean and perfect by itself iptables rules. I really can't get it. So here it is.

Sun Feb 21 18:10:52 2010 Upd.: Sat Dec 22 21:51:27 2012
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