Pine Phone

Yes, you read it correct, we're still speaking about pinephone. Librem5 is still out there. Not in here. Regardless, Pine64 started selling CE upgrade for the braveheart and as soon as I figured that I decided to upgrade one of mine pine phones with 3GB. The upgrade is delievered as a new mainboard and for braveheart owners there's a discount. This week the board finally arrived to my post-office and they decided it's too big for them to deliver it (they always do it regardless of the size and weight, that's the way they work).

Sun Dec 6 23:11:34 2020 Upd.: Sat May 22 14:18:36 2021

Linux Phone

Aeons ago I've ordered a phone. A Librem Phone. Librem5 to be precise. It was all well forgotten history when all of a sudden last spring I got notification it has been delayed.

After that glorious event I've started monitoring the progress of the almost finishing development with greater interest which also led me to know there appered to be another project promising to deliver mainline linux phone in about half a year. The price tag was ridiculously low (comparing to L5) so I just gave it a shot - just in case.

Now last week you can imagine the degree of my bewilderment when I've received sealed envelop stating the customs office awaits for my decision on how to proceed with some electronic shipment to me, which clearly need tax clearance (if I want to proceed with the shipment).

Sat Feb 29 13:01:44 2020 Upd.: Wed Mar 4 17:23:48 2020
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