Turris Omnia: sounds tasty

There's Indiegogo campaign running for the turris and I am determined to get one, so managed to fetch an early bird pack!

Let see how good it will be in real life :) Shipment is planned for April 2016 *sigh*

Sun Nov 29 20:30:03 2015


In such a small setup something like pim or mospf is just too much, however i found that igmpproxy is just too little for me. So I'm using smcroute. This daemon is for static multicast routing which is just what I need for my single-router home setup. One minor issue though - startup for this piece of software is really poor.

Sun Feb 21 18:59:02 2010 Upd.: Sat Feb 9 14:51:46 2013


Quality of service may be not as critical part of home network as connectivity and security, however could really help of you're using some realtime services like VoIP

The same approach is used here for QoS setup, script below simply applies predifened set of tc rules:

Sun Feb 21 18:51:22 2010 Upd.: Sat Feb 9 14:51:35 2013

Network device without IPv6? Nonsense, I tell you. Look which year it is. If your ISP is retarded - keep the pace with

IPv6 Tunnel Broker

Sun Feb 21 18:16:34 2010 Upd.: Sat Feb 9 14:51:15 2013


Well, you know my attitude to the wierd "complex" stuff guys are tending to make from pure, clean and perfect by itself iptables rules. I really can't get it. So here it is.

Sun Feb 21 18:10:52 2010 Upd.: Sat Dec 22 21:51:27 2012
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