Small footprint web server

Nowdays we're all concerned about environment and our impact on it. At the same time security concerns do not allow our conscience to agree on these cloud bells and whistles.

Luckily we have now available at the consumer segment low profile and power consumption platforms like Raspberry PI and others. Compare 1-2W of raspberry to at least 10-20W of any other HTPC. Such platforms however have certain resource restrictions.

Sun Nov 15 23:11:47 2015

Fuck you, Lenovo

I've recently bought probably the best laptop I've ever had - Lenovo E130, with probably, the worst OS I ever had - windows 8. Initially, knowing Czech distribution is in any case one of the worst in the world - I didn't bother much, and bough whatever model was available in local shops (you don't have a choice in Czech Republic really, never, only crappiest things available).

Tue May 7 23:46:31 2013 Upd.: Mon Jun 10 23:16:25 2013

Package cleanup: tiny hints

If you use some system for long enough, passing through various release upgrades, installing and uninstalling packages - basically living and using - your system might start be bloated with various remnants of dependencies, unneeded packages, dragging back some relicts or even blocking some new deps. Very unpleasant fact.

Sat Jan 26 17:57:42 2013 Upd.: Sat May 25 10:04:36 2013

GPT - doing things right

To be honest - I'm absolutely not an authority to teach how to do things right in GUID Partition Table. But I did it wrong, and I corrected it, so maybe someone will find it useful.

Wed May 8 23:41:10 2013

Glibc IPv6 bug

While working on jack IPv6 network stack I've trapped onto bizarre getaddrinfo() behaviour - it was returning me address families in wrong order for passive nameless request. It appears people were trapping onto this bug since 2009 (at least that far I found references to this behaviour in mail-lists).

Mon Mar 4 00:06:35 2013 Upd.: Sat Mar 9 11:05:16 2013

ifupdown and dhclient for ipv6

If you're using dhcp for both ipv4 and ipv6 on ubuntu with wifi/wpa_supplicant you might have faced with weird issue with ifdown trying to release v6 (or v4, depends on ordering) lease and it finally hangs - since previous address family already brought interface down.

Fri Dec 28 12:27:32 2012 Upd.: Sat Feb 9 14:50:45 2013


Here I'm just listing some upstart scripts I've written to manage tasks not assumed by default configuration


I dont want to use some weird bloatware just to install couple of rules I need to protect my machine. So here we go...

Sat Jan 10 02:04:21 2009 Upd.: Wed Dec 19 00:21:33 2012
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